Stone Siding

Improving The Look Of Your House With Faux Stone Siding

Houses built with stone walls are very appealing to most people. However, this can be a very expensive undertaking. Actually adding real stone to the outside of your house is expensive since the stones are very heavy, and this needs to be done by professionals. However, there are a number of options for stone siding, made out of real stone or just made to look like stone, which can give you the look of stone without you having to spend a fortune. Some of these products can even be installed by homeowners themselves.

One of the companies that sell faux stone siding is GenStone. They sell siding made of 98% closed-cell structural polyurethane that looks like stone. This siding is sold in panels and half panels, with the panels covering approximately 7 square feet each. The panels weigh only about 1 pound per square foot, they are waterproof, and they don’t degrade in sunlight. They add insulation value to your home and can be easily installed using hand tools. Options include four colors of Random Rock siding, four colors of Stacked Stone siding, and three colors of Brick siding.

If the options at GenStone do not meet your needs, FauxPanels has a very large collection of stone siding options. This stone siding looks like the real thing because the molds were made using real stone. They have a wide variety of options for color in stacked stone panels, random rock panels, brick panels, rock face panels, dry stack panels, ledge stone panels, cobble stone panels, and castle rock panels. You are sure to see something that you like with all the different options and styles available. Nailon Faux Stone Siding is about $3.59 per square foot, and Royal Rock Face Faux Panels are around $12.42 per square foot.

Build Direct also offers some interesting options for stone siding. As well as having many options similar to what the other companies mentioned have available, they also have cut fieldstone and river stone options. You can choose from faux stone siding options and manufactured stone veneers, as well as offer granite wall cladding. Regardless of which option you choose, their prices are comparatively low. The Formosa Manufactured Stone Veneer is only about $2.69 per square foot, and the Black Bear Manufactured Stone – Cut Fieldstone is only about $4.90 per square foot.

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